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These yoga poses will help you overcome a breakup

Famous yoga teacher Heidi Kristoffer told Shape about the best yoga poses to perform when going through a breakup. These would help us heal better and faster.

1- The half-twist (Ardha-Matsyendrâsana)

Good for your digestive system, the half-twist pose will also allow you to detoxify your body, mind and heart from your ex.

To do this, sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Bend your right leg and pull it over the other so that your right foot is at the level of the left knee or thigh.

Pivot the torso to the right by resting your right arm at the level of your sacrum.

Hold your right leg with your left arm and stand up straight as you breathe in and out slowly a few times.

Then repeat this pose, this time bending the left leg.


2- The garland posture (Malasana Squat)

What you need is to consolidate your bases, without your ex. In this, the ultimate posture is that of the garland or "Malasana squat" since it activates the second chakra which is linked to our sexuality and more broadly to our feelings.

Squat down with your feet flat on the floor, legs open.

Place your elbows against your knees and place your palms together in the Namaste position.

Look ahead with your back straight and smile.

A posture to be maintained for 5 to 10 deep breaths.


3- The warrior (Virabhadrâsana)

When practicing the posture of the warrior, the gaze follows the middle finger of the hand, itself drawn forward.

It's a pose that allows us to focus on what we want to achieve, move on and leave our ex behind.

Stand with your legs apart, arms open and outstretched to each side. Pivot the left foot 90 degrees to the left. Left knee bent straight, rear leg straight.

Rotate your arms so that the left is stretched forward, gazing in the same direction.

Stay in this pose for 5-10 deep breaths, then resume the pose with the right leg in front.


4- Posture of the goddess (Durgasana)

Performing the Goddess pose will open your groin, the place where our body stores all the emotions that we prevent ourselves from releasing, both good and bad. So we free all that and especially those concerning our ex!

Legs bent open, heels facing inward, toes apart, anchor your body in the ground.

Bend your arms, palms open, outward, neck extended and stay that way for 5 to 10 deep breaths.


5- The ankle to the knee (Agnistambhasana)

Did you know ? The hips are the emotional trash of the body. To get rid of your stagnant or unwilling emotions, ankle-to-knee practice is perfect.

Sit in a lotus. Bend the right knee and place the right shin on the floor in front of you. Stack your left on top, so that the left ankle is above the right knee and the right ankle is above the left knee.

Place the hands on the ground in front of the shins. Inhale and draw your stomach towards the spine. On the exhale, push your body forward. Take 5-10 deep breaths, then repeat with the opposite leg on top.




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