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Reflexology: 3 good reasons to get it right

Plantar reflexology is a manual practice for thousands of years acting on the reflex zones of the foot in connection with all organs and all parts of the body. Honored in China, the foot is in a way the spokesperson for health. A particular foot massage causes an immediate beneficial reaction, giving the body its self-healing power by increasing blood flow.

1- Because "the smile comes from the feet"

Pascale Rey affirms: "The foot is an imprint telling our story. Reflecting our physical and mental state of the moment, it alerts us to imbalances that we can avoid transforming into symptoms by a regular practice of plantar reflexology. Chinese understood this a long time ago and like to repeat that the smile comes from the feet ".

Chinese tradition considers Man as a whole, replacing him within the cosmos. It recognizes four elements: water, wood, fire, metal, arising from the heart of a fifth element called Earth. These five elements each group together a yin organ and a yang viscus responsible for functions in the body. Spring is the season of rebirth and expansion. It is associated with the wood element, which the liver and gallbladder are responsible for maintaining in balance.


2- To do a major spring cleaning

"Like the sap rising in the tree to revive its magnificent foliage and tend towards the light, the plant awakens and man, emerging from the torpor of winter, does not escape this need for renewal. C t is time to have a makeover, to organize a major spring cleaning ", continues Pascale Rey. A few plantar reflexology sessions are then most beneficial for detoxifying the liver and gall bladder, preventing waste and toxins from accumulating there.

Indeed, the current life causing an almost permanent tension. The energies of the liver are often damaged by stress. Plantar reflexology sessions can avoid the many disorders linked to the imbalance of this function.

On the physical level: digestive problems (bloating, loose stools, nausea, gallstones), muscle and tendon pain (tendonitis, cramps, tension, sprains), vision problems (dry irritated or watery eyes, glaucoma, cataracts) , menstruation concerns (metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, premenstrual syndrome), sensations of tightness, numbness, tingling, migraines, venous circulation problems (varicose veins, hemorrhoids), thick and ridged or thin and brittle nails , but also sleep problems, nightmares.

This is also true psychologically. "Anger is the emotion of the liver: expressed, it 'makes us see red' when like a thunderclap, it makes the yang energy rise in us upwards, igniting the fire on our face", specifies Pascale Rey . "Repressed, it results in a stagnation of the liver's energy, preventing the free flow of energy, one of the major functions of the liver."

For the Chinese who know that our organs interact with our emotions and vice versa, this emotion is a bad advisor and "opens the doors to hell". Guilt, irritability, aggressiveness, impatience and high emotionality also reflect poor emotional balance in the liver.


3- For illuminated skin and better sleep

In order to rebalance the liver and gall bladder, the reflexologist, after examining the plantar tissues, stimulates the reflex zones corresponding to these organs and works on all the emunctories intended to reject the waste towards the outside. The pressure exerted has an immediate effect on the stimulation of impaired functions, and leads to elimination reactions providing good relaxation, better tissue irrigation, mobilization of waste, release of blocked energy and tissue modification that react under the fingers by softening, decongesting, toning. It also acts on the gradual disappearance of pain linked to a weakened or inflammatory system, illuminates the skin, regulates the intestinal system, and promotes restful sleep.

Likewise, our unclogged gallbladder can organically help digestion and psychologically decide and act, because it is this which puts into action the plans of the liver. If it is deficient, no decision-making spirit, we will not take action!

"Thus, our vital energy regained, our immunity strengthened, fatigue disappears, we again have the desire to create, ideas spring up with a view to transmitting them, changes no longer scare us, we are looking for movement, new projects ", concludes the reflexologist. On the emotional level patience, benevolence, calm settle in, we are more joyful, more creative and intuitive therefore more inclined to negotiation and relationships with others.

By adding to these plantar reflexology treatment-prevention sessions a good diet with seasonal vegetables, conscious breathing balancing our emotions and detox plants such as black radish, artichoke, fumitory or milk thistle, for example, we avoid missteps and start again on the right foot.


Sylvie Mahenc.



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