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Expired cosmetics: what am I risking?

Did you know that the cosmetic products you buy all have an expiration date? This is not trivial, but few women really pay attention to it. But can you use your beauty products for several months without risking your skin and your health? How to store these products, and for how long? Let us try to answer all these questions.

Learn to read cosmetic product labels

When you buy a moisturizer for the face or a lipstick, you don't pay much attention to the composition, let alone the expiration date. This is why many women use beauty products when their lifespan is well over. Be aware that there are two indicators that can appear on cosmetics to help you see clearly.

Some products have a minimum durability date. The latter is generally represented by an hourglass.

The second indicator is the period after opening. Mandatory, this defines the duration of use of a product, and is represented by an open jar symbol, with a number of months noted. Beyond this period of time, the user may be exposed to side effects, or to ineffectiveness of the cosmetic. The periods after opening vary according to the products, it is therefore necessary to be vigilant, in particular with the cosmetics in contact with the eyes and the mouth.

How to properly store your cosmetic products?

All cosmetic products have a limited shelf life. Moisturizers should not be used after a while, but the same goes for makeup! Lipsticks, mascaras and other eye shadows have an expiration date after opening. Usually, a foundation will keep for about a year, while an eye treatment will last for 6 months.

To keep a beauty product, it is essential to avoid exposure to the sun. This is why some bottles are opaque. It is also important to place them in a place protected from humidity. We also avoid temperature differences, and we put our cosmetics in the refrigerator if necessary. You should also remember to close your beauty products to prevent them from drying out.

The differences between organic and classic cosmetics

Environmentally friendly, paraben and silicone free, organic cosmetics have no toxic ingredients. Some, like vegetable oils or butters, do not contain preservatives. So how do we keep them? Usually, an antioxidant is added to the composition. Then just place them in a dry place out of direct sunlight. To limit the risk of unwanted side effects, one can turn to natural cosmetics that have less dangerous preservatives, such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Organic products are therefore no more perishable than conventional products. They just need to be kept in a safe place away from temperature changes to prevent germs from developing. In all cases, the expiry date is indicated on the label.

What are the dangers of an expired cosmetic product?

Over the days, and weeks, cosmetics inexorably deteriorate. Bacteria can appear and contaminate them. Using a beauty product with your fingers increases the proliferation of bacteria without realizing it. When choosing a serum or foundation, prefer a model with an eyedropper. Ditto for creams containing a lot of water. They are exposed to greater risks of the proliferation of germs.

Be aware, however, that there is no danger if you use a product a few days after its expiration date! After several weeks, you are exposed to side effects that are minimal, such as redness and itching. But to avoid any risk of inflammation or infection, you better avoid playing with fire. You can also rely on your sense of smell. If a product emits an unpleasant odor, throw it away immediately.



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